About Us

We’re not just mad about reducing the carbon footprint created by temporary power consumption, we also believe in fairness so we’re also focused on making sure that consumers only pay for what they use. Fair for the customer, fair for the supplier and fair for the planet!

The combination of hearing that electricity prices were on a 10 year upward trend and that consumers of electricity, when away on holiday for example, often expect a power-hungry ‘home from home’ experience, ignited a passion in the ePitchTM team to create new, ‘designed and built in the UK’ product to make power consumption fair for all and to allow CO2 generation to be offset to Net Zero. The result? ePitchTM was born!

ePitchTM is an award winning, patent pending hardware and application solution to monitoring the temporary consumption of electricity and the CO2e tonnage equivalence created by that consumption. Opportunities are then provided to offset the Carbon footprint generated. Feedback is provided to the consumer to allow them to make choices in their habits and work to reducing their energy consumption. Patent Pending GB2305632.8

The proprietary bespoke enclosure is made from full recyclable pure polycarbonate and the supply chain carbon footprint has been reduced to a minimum.

Backed by Innovate UK, Low Carbon Solent and many other organisations, join us in the journey to making energy costs fair for all and reducing the consequential damage all of our energy consumption has on the planet.

For more information we’d love to hear from you at hello@e-pitch.co.uk