e-Pitch Ready EHU's with Famatel (UK)

Your Financial and Environmental Costs Are Our Priority.

Introducing the ePitch – award winning 'Pay In Person', 'Prepay' or 'Pay as they use' MID D & B monitor GSM EHU mounted, Fully installed into a high quality Hook Up. Includes full web platform and Guest App.

ePitch Ready EHU's

e-Pitch in a full single, double. tripple and quad 17th and 18th edition plug in format with our chosen EHU supplier Famatel UK is for the site owner who needs to replace or upgrade their existing hook up boxes or posts and wants to get the additional benefits and fatures and control that e-Pitch offers.

The Famatel range of Caravan hook up boxes are a quality range of UV resistant, IP Rated enclosures that feature interlocking switches for 18th Edition compliance.

They come in a range of vertical and horizontal pug formats and allow room for your installers to run the cables inside easily with plenty of room to work.

e-pitch is fitted inside the unit so there are no connection or installation tasks for the site owner or electrical contractor to complete.

if youre upgrading your pitches from 17th to 18th edition, this is the option for you to get e-pitch included in the fit-out.

Web platform and Guest App Included

With a full web platform included in the cost of your unit, you are firmly in control of setting costs for KWh, Standing charges, Maintenance and even an optional Carbon offset scheme. You can us the pitch booking management scheme to register your stays and this can even be integrated into your existing booking management system (may require additional integration work if not already one of our partner systems). Learn more about the e-Pitch platform and the ever expanding range of features that are all included in your single product price.

Your guests can enjoy a full experience with the e-Pitch IOS or Android app or, don't worry, if they preferer not to use a smart phone, can pay in person with you and be reminded of low balances by the visual indicator on the ePitch unit.

We understand that every site is different so we are happy to help discuss your requirements - call now on 01590 679418 for a demonstration or email hello@e-pitch.co.uk.